The Rosen Test

The statutory provisions with respect to reasonable requirements for streets and public grounds are based upon the theory that "the developer of a subdivision maybe required to assume those costs which are specifically and uniquely attributable to [the developer's] activity and which would otherwise be cast upon the public" (Rosen test) In Pioneer Trust & Savings Bank v. Village of Mount Prospect, 22 Ill. 2d 375, 176 N.E.2d 799 (1961), the supreme court explained the Rosen test as follows: "If the requirement is within the statutory grant of power to the municipality and if the burden cast upon the subdivider is specifically and uniquely attributable to [the subdivider's] activity, then the requirement is permissible; if not, it is forbidden and amounts to a confiscation of private property in contravention of the constitutional prohibitions rather than reasonable regulation under the police power." Pioneer Trust, 22 Ill. 2d at 380.