Iowa Dot Revocation Appeal

Scope of review. Our review of a DOT revocation decision is governed by Iowa Code section 17A. See Bromeland v. Iowa Dep't of Transp., 562 N.W.2d 624, 625 (Iowa 1997); see generally Iowa Code 17A. "We ask only whether the district court has correctly applied the law." Bromeland, 562 N.W.2d at 625. Applying the standards for review of agency action found in Iowa Code section 17A.19(8), we determine whether our conclusions are the same as those made by the district court. See Scott v. Iowa Dep't of Transp., 604 N.W.2d 617, 619 (Iowa 2000). If they are, we affirm. Id. If our conclusions are not the same and we decide the district court has incorrectly applied the law, we must reverse. Id.