Pickup Truck Burglary In Iowa

Iowa Code Ann. 702.12. In State v. Williams, 409 N.W.2d 187, 187 (Iowa 1987), the defendant was convicted of burglary of a topper-enclosed pickup truck because it qualified as an occupied structure under the burglary statute. The camper shell was three feet high, with side windows and a rear door. Id. at 187. Williams entered the shell through the back door and handed two tires to a co-defendant outside. That constituted burglary. Id. Williams readily conceded the enclosed pickup truck bed was sufficiently large enough to allow a person to enter or occupy it, thus he could not qualify under the size exception in Iowa Code Ann. 702.12. Williams, 409 N.W.2d at 188-89. Based on the plain language of the statute and the defendant's concession, the court affirmed the burglary conviction. Id. at 189.