Adoption of Grandchild by Grandparent In Kansas

A grandparent's rights in an adoption of a grandchild are purely the province of statute. a grandparent has no natural or common-law rights to grandchildren. Browning v. Tarwater, 215 Kan. 501, 504, 524 P.2d 1135 (1974); In re Johnson, 210 Kan. 828, 831-32, 504 P.2d 217 (1972); In re Bullen, 28 Kan. 781 (1882). The law of adoption is dependent on state statutory law. In re Estate of Robbins, 241 Kan. 620, 623, 738 P.2d 458 (1987). We have unlimited review of conclusions of law. U.S.D. No. 352 v. NEA-Goodland, 246 Kan. 137, 140, 785 P.2d 993 (1990). K.S.A. 59-2133(b) provides: "In independent and stepparent adoptions notice of the hearing on the petition shall be given to the parents or presumed parents, unless parental rights have been previously terminated, and any other persons as the court may direct." K.S.A. 59-2133(b) does not specifically list the persons the court should give notice to, but instead gives the court discretion in selecting participants in the adoption hearing and related issues.