Adams v. City of Baton Rouge

In Adams v. City of Baton Rouge, 95-2515 (La. App. 1st Cir. 4/30/96), 673 So. 2d 624, 632, writs denied, 96-1491, 96-1492 679 So. 2d 439 (La. 9/20/96) at issue was a statute, enacted after the plaintiff filed his lawsuit, giving plaintiff a right to a jury trial; the court reasoned that the grant by the legislature of a right to trial by jury to an individual who previously had no such right did not divest or otherwise affect any substantive right of another party. The Adams court concluded that because the statute addressed the mode or means of the trial, it was procedural in nature and did not affect any vested rights and could be applied retroactively. (Adams v. City of Baton Rouge, 673 So. 2d at 635.)