Reviewing Factual Findings on Appeal Cases In Louisiana

In reviewing the factual findings of a trial court, an appellate court is limited to a determination of manifest error. Hill v. Morehouse Parish Police Jury, 95-1100 (La. 1/1696) p. 4; 666 So. 2d 612, 614. We must determine from the record that a reasonable factual basis does not exist for the verdict. We must accord deference to the fact-finder. We are cognizant of our constitutional duty to review facts, and not merely to decide if we, as the reviewing court, would have found the facts differently, but to determine whether the trial court's verdict was manifestly erroneous based on the evidence or clearly without evidentiary support. Ambrose v. New Orleans Police Department Ambulance Service, 93-3099 (La. 7/5/94); 639 So. 2d 216, 221.