Champagne v. Mid-Maine Med. Ctr

In Champagne v. Mid-Maine Med. Ctr., 1998 ME 87, P16, 711 A.2d 842, a nursing student took Champagne's newly born son out of the nursery and gave him to another maternity patient. Champagne, 1998 ME 87, P2, 711 A.2d at 844. The patient breast-fed the child for three to five minutes before it was discovered that the baby was not hers. Id. The Law Court held that the Superior Court did not err in determining as a matter of law that Champagne failed to state a cause of action for IIED, reasoning that "such conduct, while troubling and unfortunate, cannot be characterized as so extreme and outrageous as to exceed all possible bounds of decency in a civilized community." Id. at P16, 711 A.2d at 847.