Is It Illegal to Register an Automobile at an Address Other Than Residential Place but From Where All Mail Will Be Available

In Munson v. Bay State Dredging & Contracting, 314 Mass. 485, 50 N.E.2d 633 (1943), an automobile accident case, the issue of illegal registration of the plaintiff's automobile was raised as evidence of his contributory negligence. Munson, 314 Mass. at 487, 50 N.E.2d at 635. The plaintiff had registered his automobile at his estranged wife's address although he did not reside there. Munson, 314 Mass. at 487, 50 N.E.2d at 635. The registration statute required the vehicle owner to identify his "name, place of residence and address." Munson, 314 Mass. at 488, 50 N.E.2d at 635. In addressing the issue before it, which is not relevant to the instant case, the Munson court stated that "An applicant may have an address, that is, a place where mail or other communications will reach him, at a place other than his residence." Munson, 314 Mass. at 489, 50 N.E.2d at 636. D