Allen v. Farm Bureau Ins Co

In Allen v. Farm Bureau Ins Co, 210 Mich. App. 591; 534 N.W.2d 177 (1995), Farm Bureau was assigned the plaintiff's claim through the Assigned Claims Facility because the plaintiff suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident and could not identify the responsible insurer. The plaintiff eventually filed suit against Farm Bureau when it refused to pay wage-loss benefits. During discovery, Farm Bureau learned that Farmers Insurance Exchange was a higher priority insurer of the driver of the vehicle in which the plaintiff was injured. The plaintiff amended his complaint to add Farmers as a defendant, and Farm Bureau initiated a third-party complaint against Farmers, both occurring more than one year after the plaintiff's accident. 210 Mich. App. at 593-594. The trial court granted Farm Bureau's motion for summary disposition regarding the plaintiff's claim on the basis that Farmers qualified as a higher priority insurer, and the parties on appeal did not dispute that ruling. Id. at 594. The plaintiff instead challenged the trial court's grant of summary disposition to Farmers, which the court had granted on the basis of the plaintiff's failure to notify Farmers of his claim within the applicable one-year period of limitation. The Court affirmed the trial court's grant of summary disposition to Farmers, likewise concluding that the one-year period of limitation precluded the plaintiff's attempt to sue Farmers.