Breaking and Entering With Intent to Commit Larceny Elements

"The elements of the offense of breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny are: (1) the defendant broke into a building (2) the defendant entered the building, (3) at the time of the breaking and entering, the defendant intended to commit a larceny therein." People v. Toole, 227 Mich App 656, 658; 576 NW2d 441 (1998). Circumstantial evidence and reasonable inferences drawn from it may be sufficient to prove the elements of the crime. Crawford, supra at 616. See People v. Bottany, 43 Mich App 375, 377-378; 204 NW2d 230 (1972) (the defendant's identity as the perpetrator of the crime may be established beyond a reasonable doubt by segments of circumstantial proof in combination even if each segment of proof standing alone is not sufficient).