Circuit Court Jurisdiction Michigan

In Michigan, the circuit court is a court of general jurisdiction, having "original jurisdiction to hear and determine all civil claims and remedies, except where exclusive jurisdiction is given in the constitution or by statute to some other court or where the circuit courts are denied jurisdiction by the constitution or statutes of this state." MCL 600.605; MSA 27A.605. With regard to malpractice claims, our Supreme Court has held that malpractice claims are traditional civil actions for money damages that currently fall within the circuit court's subject-matter jurisdiction. Campbell v. St John Hosp, 434 Mich 608, 455 N.W.2d 695; 614; 455 NW2d 695 (1990). Further, plaintiff's complaints alleged the then sufficient amount in controversy of more than $ 10,000 to invoke the subject-matter jurisdiction of the circuit court. MCL 600.8301(1); MSA 27A.8301(1).