Convictions for Carjacking and Armed Robbery

In People v. Parker, 230 Mich App 337, 347; 584 NW2d 336 (1998), the Court held that dual convictions for carjacking and armed robbery do not violate the double jeopardy protection against multiple punishments for the same offense, observing that the two statutes are addressed at prohibiting conduct violative of distinct social norms. Parker, supra at 344. The Court observed that the carjacking statute is "intended to prohibit takings accomplished with force or the mere threat of force," whereas the armed robbery statute is "intended to prohibit takings accomplished by an assault and the use of a dangerous weapon." Id. at 343. The Court in Parker further noted that "in the carjacking statute, the Legislature specifically authorized two separate convictions arising out of the same transaction." Id. at 344.