Defendant's Voluntary Statement In a Pretrial In Michigan

It is error requiring reversal for a trial judge to inform a jury that the defendant's statement has been found to be voluntary in a pretrial Walker hearing. See, e.g., People v. Mosley (On Remand), 72 Mich App 289; 249 NW2d 393 (1976); People v. Gilbert, 55 Mich App 168; 222 NW2d 305 (1974). However, this Court has held that when the fact that the defendant made the statement is not disputed, the rationale of the cases cited above largely disappears and, although the trial judge should not inform the jury of his earlier ruling, such comments are not reversible error. People v. Corbett, 97 Mich App 438, 443; 296 NW2d 64 (1980).