Elements of Assault With Intent to Murder In Michigan

"The elements of the crime of assault with intent to murder are: (1) an assault; (2) with an actual intent to kill; (3) which, if successful, would make the killing murder." People v. Plummer, 229 Mich App 293, 305; 581 NW2d 753 (1998). Circumstantial evidence and reasonable inferences arising therefrom may constitute satisfactory proof of the elements of the offense. People v. Warren (After Remand), 200 Mich App 586, 588; 504 NW2d 907 (1993). the prosecution may establish an intent to kill through inference from the facts in evidence. Id. Because proving a defendant's state of mind is difficult, minimal circumstantial evidence is sufficient. People v. McRunels, 237 Mich App 168, 181; 603 NW2d 95 (1999). "All conflicts in the evidence must be resolved in favor of the prosecution." Id.