Elements of Fraud Michigan

In Hord v. Environmental Research Institute, 228 Mich App 638, 642; 579 NW2d 133 (1998), the Court set forth the elements of a fraud claim: There are six essential elements of a fraud claim: (1) that the defendant made a material representation; (2) that it was false; (3) that when the defendant made it the defendant knew that it was false, or that the defendant made it recklessly, without any knowledge of its truth and as a positive assertion; (4) that the defendant made it with the intention that it should be acted on by the plaintiff; (5) that the plaintiff acted in reliance on it; (6) that the plaintiff thereby suffered injury. Each of these facts must be proved with a reasonable degree of certainty, and all of them must be found to exist; the absence of any one of them is fatal to a recovery.