MCL 722.27(1)(C) Example Cases

MCL 722.27(1)(c) provides that the "court shall not modify or amend its previous judgments or orders or issue a new order so as to change the established custodial environment of a child unless there is presented clear and convincing evidence that it is in the best interest of the child." In Bowers v. Bowers, 190 Mich App 51, 53; 475 NW2d 394 (1991), the Court noted that prior decisions of the Court had held that in original custody actions in which a temporary custody order exists, the trial court has the responsibility of making a definite finding regarding the issue of a custodial environment, citing DeVries v. DeVries, 163 Mich App 266, 271; 413 NW2d 764 (1987); Schwiesow v. Schwiesow, 159 Mich App 548, 557; 406 NW2d 878 (1987); Curless v. Curless, 137 Mich App 673, 676-677; 357 NW2d 921 (1984).