Michigan Wrongful Death Venue MCL 600.1629

Venue in wrongful death statutes is governed by MCL 600.1629; MSA 27A.1629, which provides in pertinent part: (1) Subject to subsection (2), in an action based on tort or another legal theory seeking damages for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death, all of the following apply: (a) the county in which the original injury occurred and in which either of the following applies is a county in which to file and try the action: (i) the defendant resides, has a place of business or conducts business in that county. (ii) the corporate registered office of the defendant is located in that county. In Karpinski v. St. John Hospital-Macomb Center Corp, 238 Mich App 539; NW2d (1999), the Court held that, as applied to a wrongful death action, the Legislature intended the term "the county in which the original injury occurred" to mean the place "where the injury resulting in death occurred, and not the place where death itself took place." Id. at 544. The phrase "original" requires us to determine the origin or beginning of plaintiff's injury. Id.