Proving That a Witness Is An Expert In Minnesota

Under Minnesota Rules of Evidence, the admission of expert testimony is presupposed by the witness's qualification as an expert. Minn. R. Evid. 702 (2002). Thus, Petitioner must lay the proper foundation to establish that its witness is an expert in a particular area. It is not necessarily a requirement to be state certified or possess formal training to qualify as an expert a witness. Hagen v. Swenson, 306 Minn. 527, 236 N.W.2d 161, 162 (Minn. 1975). In fact, the Minnesota Supreme Court has found that, for purposes of expert qualification, experience is often more persuasive than education or certification. Lundgren v. Eustermann, 370 N.W.2d 877, 880 (Minn. 1985). Accordingly, Minnesota Court has held that a witness may be qualified as an expert on appraisal methods even though they are not an MAI appraiser. Ferche Acquisitions, Inc. v. Benton County, 1995 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. Sept. 21, 1995) at 5.