Sale of Property Proximity to Tax Assessment Date

It is well established that where there is a sale of the subject property in close proximity to the time of the assessment date and it is an arms-length transaction, that sale will be given great weight in determining value. See, Kettle River Farm v. County of Becker, 1986 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. July 1, 1986); Savoie Bldg. v. County of Hennepin, 1987 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. July 21, 1987); see also, Akins v. County of Hennepin, 1990 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. Aug. 3, 1990). And a post-valuation sale, including a sale of the subject property, may be evidence of the subject property's value. West Grant Props. v. County of Hennepin, 1983 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. Aug. 10, 1983). However, a recent sale is not conclusive of value, especially where other evidence shows that the sale price is below market value. See, Jewison v. County of Freeborn, 1992 Minn. (Minn. Tax Ct. Aug. 12, 1992).