Landlord Tenant Relationship Missouri

The relation of landlord and tenant is that which "arises from a contract by which one person occupies the real estate of another with his permission and in subordination to his rights." Marden v. Radford, 229 Mo. App. 789, 84 S.W.2d 947, 954 (Mo. App. 1935). The essentials of a landlord-tenant relationship are: (1) a reversion in the landlord; (2) the creation of an estate in the tenant either at will or for a term less than that which the landlord holds; (3) the transfer of exclusive possession and control of the premises, or a portion thereof, to the tenant; and (4) a contract, either express or implied, between the parties. Hill v. Eads, 970 S.W.2d 882, 883 (Mo. App. 1998); Friend v. GEM International, Inc., 476 S.W.2d 134, 137-38 (Mo. App 1971).