Affidavit of Disqualification Proceedings

(a) the affidavit for disqualification must be filed more than thirty (30) days before the date set for hearing or trial. (b) the affidavit shall be accompanied by a certificate of counsel of record that the affidavit has been made in good faith. An affidavit will be deemed not to have been made in good faith if it is based solely on rulings in the case made by the challenged judge and from which an appeal could have been taken. (c) Any affidavit which is not in proper form and which does not allege facts showing personal bias or prejudice may be set aside as void. (d) the judge appointed to preside at a disqualification proceeding may assess attorneys fees, costs and damages against any party or his attorney who files such disqualification without reasonable cause and thereby hinders, delays or takes unconscionable advantage of any other party, or the court.