Criminal Endangerment Suspended Sentence Example In Montana

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that for the felony offense of CRIMINAL ENDANGERMENT, the defendant is sentenced to the Montana Department of Corrections for a period of ten(10) years, with five (5) years suspended upon the conditions hereinafter set forth. The Department may place the defendant into an appropriate community based program, facility, or a State correctional institution, with the Court's recommendation that the defendant be placed at the Treasure State Correctional Training Center. During any period of supervision, the defendant shall comply with the following conditions: The defendant shall pay the mandatory surcharges of $ 35. The defendant shall submit to testing of her bodily fluids, such as blood, breath or urine, upon request of her supervising officer for the purpose of detecting the presence of alcohol and/or dangerous drugs. The defendant shall be placed under the supervision of the Montana Department of Corrections, subject to all of its standard administrative rules, including: a. Residence: the defendant shall not change her place of residence without first obtaining, permission from her supervising officer. b. Travel: the defendant shall not leave her assigned district without first obtaining written permission from her supervising officer. c. Employment: the defendant shall maintain employment or a program approved by her supervising officer. the defendant must obtain permission from her supervising officer prior to any change of employment. d. Reporting: the defendant shall personally report to her supervising officer as directed. the defendant shall submit written monthly reports on forms provided. e. Weapons: the defendant shall not own, possess or be in control of any firearms or deadly weapons, including black powder, as defined by state or federal laws. f. Financial: the defendant shall obtain permission from her supervising officer before financing a vehicle, purchasing property or engaging in business. g. Search: Upon reasonable cause, the defendant shall submit to searches of her person, vehicle, personal effects and residence by defendant's supervising officer, at any time, without a warrant. the defendant's supervising officer may utilize law enforcement personnel in effecting a search. h. Laws and Conduct: the defendant shall comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and ordinances and shall conduct herself as a good citizen. the defendant shall report any arrests or contacts with law enforcement to her supervising officer within 72 hours. 4. the defendant shall pay a supervisory fee of $ 10 per month, unless waiver eligible. 5. the defendant shall not associate with known felons or adjudicated juveniles, without prior permission from her supervising officer. 6. the defendant shall not possess or ingest any alcoholic beverages or dangerous drugs, unless prescribed for her by her treating physicians. 7. the defendant shall not enter any establishment whose primary purpose is the retail sale of alcoholic beverages. 8. the defendant shall participate in any counseling deemed necessary by her supervising officer and shall abide by all treatment recommendations. the defendant shall waive any rights of confidentiality which she may have associated with her evaluations/treatment so that her treating therapists may confer with her supervising officer. 9. the defendant shall pay all costs of future incarceration and medical care while incarcerated, pursuant to Section 7-32-2245, MCA. 10. the defendant shall attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at the direction of her supervising officer. 11. the defendant shall obtain chemical dependency and mental health evaluations/assessments at her own expense and shall participate in counseling as directed. the defendant shall waive any rights of confidentiality which she may have associated with her evaluations/assessments/treatment so that her treating therapist(s) may confer with her supervising officer. 12. the defendant shall not become pregnant while on State supervision. the defendant shall obtain a pregnancy test every two (2) months at probation/parole. The defendant is granted sixty-three (63) days' credit for time served prior to sentencing. Any bond posted in this matter is exonerated.