Stahlecker v. Ford Motor Co

Stahlecker v. Ford Motor Co. (2003) 266 Neb. 601 667 N.W.2d 244 involved a products liability claim for a tire failure that left a motorist stranded in a remote area. The motorist was not injured by the tire failure but by a murderer who encountered her where her vehicle stopped. (Id., 667 N.W.2d at pp. 250-251.) The murder was held to "negate any causal relationship between the alleged product defects and the injuries and death for which damages" were claimed. (Id. at p. 258.) In so holding, the Stahlecker court noted it had found "no authority recognizing a duty on the part of the manufacturer of a product to protect a consumer from criminal activity at the scene of a product failure where no physical harm is caused by the product itself." (Id. at p. 256.)