Kenneth R. v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn – Case Brief Summary (New York)

In Kenneth R. v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, 229 AD2d 159, 161, 163, 654 NYS2d 791 [1997], cert denied 522 US 967, 118 S Ct 413, 139 L Ed 2d 316 [1997], lv dismissed 91 NY2d 848, 690 NE2d 492, 667 NYS2d 683 [1997], the appellate court considered the allegations made in plaintiffs' bill of particulars that the defendant diocese received actual or constructive notice of the codefendant priest's propensity to sexually abuse minors through alleged complaints made to the defendant diocese.

The decision held that these allegations, if true, would sustain a cause of action sounding in negligent retention and negligent supervision (Id. at 164).