Matter of State of New York v. C.B – Case Brief Summary (New York)

In Matter of State of New York v. C.B. (19 Misc 3d 1103[A], 859 NYS2d 907, 2008 NY Slip Op. 50488[U] [Sup Ct, Bronx County 2008]), the trial court determined that respondent's criminal history, his failure to take prescribed medication, his nonparticipation in sex offender treatment either at that current time or while he had been incarcerated, respondent's lascivious behavior and exhibitionism while in Manhattan Psychiatric Center, and expert opinion that respondent would be a danger to the public if treated in an outpatient or community-based setting were evidence that there is probable cause that respondent is a sex offender requiring civil management and that he is sufficiently dangerous to require confinement because no lesser conditions of supervision would suffice to keep the public safe during the pendency of the proceeding.