Randy Knitwear v. American Cyanamid Co – Case Brief Summary (New York)

In Randy Knitwear v. American Cyanamid Co., 11 N.Y.2d 5, 181 N.E.2d 399, 226 N.Y.S.2d 363 (1962), a manufacturer of clothing sued a manufacturer of chemical resins that had represented by advertising, direct mail, and on labels for clothing, that fabric treated with its "Cyana Finish" would not "shrink or stretch out of fit." Id. at 6.

The Court held that the plaintiff, who had purchased fabric accompanied by "Cyana Finish" labels from a fabric manufacturer, had a cause of action for breach of express warranty against the remote manufacturer because the express warranties were clearly passed on to plaintiff and plaintiff had relied on them. Id. at 14-16.