Determining Whether Forfeiture Should Be Remitted In Whole or In Part

In State v. Hyers, 122 N.J. Super. 177, 180, 299 A.2d 748 (App.Div.1973), the Court identified seven factors that a trial court may consider in determining whether a forfeiture should be remitted in whole or in part: (a) whether the applicant is a commercial bondsman; (b) the bondsman's supervision, if any, of defendant during the time of his release; (c) the bondsman's efforts to insure the return of the fugitive; (d) the time elapsed between the date ordered for the appearance of defendant and his return to court; (e) the prejudice, if any, to the State because of the absence of defendant; (f) the expenses incurred by the State by reason of the default in appearance, the recapture of the fugitive and the enforcement of the forfeiture; (g) whether reimbursement of the expenses incurred in; (f) will adequately satisfy the interests of justice.