Adopted Sibling Visitation Rights In New York

In Matter of Gregston v. Amatulli, 273 A.D.2d 384, 709 N.Y.S.2d 599, a sibling visitation case brought under DRL 71 petitioner sought visitation with her two minor half-siblings who had been adopted. The Law Guardian for the minor siblings opposed the petition on the ground that information elicited from the children's social workers and therapists was that such contact would be detrimental to the minor children. the Appellate Court reversed the Family Court's summary dismissal of the petition. The Appellate Court held that "where there is a factual dispute as to the best interests of the petitioner's half-siblings, a hearing should be held." The decision is silent as to the nature and extent of any pre-existing relationship between the petitioner in that case and her siblings.