Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts for Unimalleolar Fracture Dislocation of Ankle

In Morrisseau v. New York, 265 AD2d 647, 696 N.Y.S.2d 545 (3d Dept. 1999), a motor vehicle accident case, the plaintiff sustained a unimalleolar fracture dislocation of the right ankle involving the talus. Plaintiff was brought to the hospital where she underwent two surgeries. During her recovery, the plaintiff continued to experience pain and subsequently developed sclerosis of the talus requiring further surgery which entailed, inter alia, scraping of the bones and cutting of ligaments. As a result of her injuries, plaintiff could no longer walk (and therefore no longer work) and suffered from pain and swelling in her ankle. the court awarded her $ 195,000.00 for past pain and suffering and $ 80,000.00 for future pain and suffering based on a life expectancy of 26 years. the appellate court held that the award was inadequate and increased the award to $ 250,000.00 and $ 300,000.00, respectively.