Constitutional Protections of New York CPL 200.50(6) and 200.30(1)

In People v. Evangelista, 1 Misc 3d 873, 874, 771 NYS2d 791(Crim Ct Bx Cty 2003), defendant was charged with Sexual Misconduct in an information which stated that defendant had sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl " numerous times' between the dates of September 22, 2002 and April 2, 2003." The court there applied the constitutional protections of CPL Sec. 200.50(6) and 200.30(1) to the misdemeanor information. "The provisions...which prohibit duplicitous pleadings and which require sufficient precision in the drafting of charges are constitutionally required in all criminal cases." (1 Misc 3d at 879.)