Disobeying a Court Order Consequences In New York

In People ex rel. Sherwin v. Mead (92 NY 415), the Court said (at 420), "one who disobeys the lawful order of a court not only offends against the dignity of the particular tribunal, but also against the public law. The particular court may pass over the contempt and suffer its order to be spurned, but the offense against the people remains. Their authority has been condemned, the administration of public justice assailed, and its power despised. for such an offense the guilty party may be punished by indictment, although the court whose order has been disobeyed may take the indignity in silence. The statute has made such disobedience, when willful in its character, an offense against the people, and not left it dependent upon the action or non-action of the specific judge or court." (See also, People v. Leone, 44 NY2d 315.)