Workplace Fall Injuries In An Elevated Work Site Cases

In Covey v. Iroquois Gas Transmission Sys. (218 AD2d 197), the plaintiff had been required to climb five feet upward to mount a machine (an elevated work site) and fell into an adjoining ditch. In LaJeunesse v. Feinman (218 AD2d 827), plaintiff, from ground level, walked up a plank toward a higher level and fell when the ramp collapsed. Similarly, in Tooher v. Willets Point Contr. Corp. (213 AD2d 856), the plaintiff fell from a beam which bridged a ditch 10 to 15 feet deep. the plaintiff was dislodged from the beam and slid into the ditch. In Bowen v. Hallmark Nursing Centre (244 AD2d 597), plaintiff fell from an elevated work site (a 16-inch block used to reach needed materials) into an adjoining ditch.