federal Conviction prior to state law crimes conviction for the same robbery in new york

In People v. Bryant (92 NY2d 216, 699 NE2d 910, 677 NYS2d 286 [1998]), was a bank robbery case. The defendants had been convicted on federal charges prior to their convictions for state law crimes arising out of the same robbery. The Court concluded, inter alia, that the federal crimes which required proof of "an assault or act of violence by the use of a dangerous weapon or device in connection with the . . . robbery" of a federal entity, were designed to prevent very different kinds of harm or evil from the state statutes that proscribed the possession of defaced weapons because the "purposes of the Federal crimes for which defendants were charged are the protection of financial institutions in which the government has an interest, and the deterrence of the use of weapons in connection with crimes against such institutions" while the state crimes were "intended to curtail the availability of defaced firearms which prevent the identification and detection of crime, and the trafficking of such firearms in the marketplace" (id. at 228-229.)