Criminal Charges for Two Separate Stealings

In State v. Jordan, 128 N.C. App. 469, 495 S.E.2d 732, disc. review denied, 348 N.C. 287, 501 S.E.2d 914 (1998), the defendant was convicted of and sentenced for both larceny and armed robbery. In that case, this Court found that the defendant was initially motivated by his desire to steal the victim's car, but once he entered the house, he stayed for fifteen to twenty minutes, walked around deciding what to take, took credit cards and jewelry, then stole the car. Id. at 474-75, 495 S.E.2d at 736. The lapse of time between stealing the credit cards and jewelry and stealing the car gave rise to two separate takings. Id. at 475, 495 S.E.2d at 736.