Murder In a Mobile Home In North Carolina

In State v. Jaynes, 342 N.C. 249, 464 S.E.2d 448 (1995), the defendant and an accomplice murdered the victim inside a mobile home, drove away from the scene, and then returned to the mobile home approximately three and a half hours later to burn it. Jaynes, 342 N.C. at 274, 464 S.E.2d at 464. The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the defendant's first degree arson conviction, observing that "given the extent to which the defendant went to hide the stolen property and the complexity of defendant's criminal scheme, the murder and arson were 'so joined by time and circumstances as to be part of one continuous transaction,' and therefore support a finding that the dwelling was 'occupied' within the meaning of N.C.G.S. 14-58." Id. at 275, 464 S.E.2d at 464.