N.C.G.S. 1-75.4 Interpretation

G.S. 1-75.4 is North Carolina's long-arm statute and confers jurisdiction over non-residents. In Dillon v. Numismatic Funding Corp., 291 N.C. 674, 676, 231 S.E.2d 629, 630-31 (1977), the North Carolina Supreme Court stated that " G.S. 1-75.4(1)(d) . . . grants the courts of North Carolina the opportunity to exercise jurisdiction over defendant to the extent allowed by due process." In other words, when evaluating the existence of personal jurisdiction pursuant to G.S. 1-75.4(1)(d), "the question of statutory authorization 'collapses into the question of whether the defendant has the minimum contacts with North Carolina necessary to meet the requirements of due process.'" Hanes Companies v. Ronson, 712 F. Supp. 1223, 1226 (M.D.N.C. 1988).