N.C.G.S. 75-1.1 Example Case

In Wilson v. Wilson, 121 N.C. App. 662, 665, 468 S.E.2d 495, 497 (1996), the Court held that "North Carolina does not recognize a cause of action for third-party claimants against the insurance company of an adverse party based on unfair and deceptive trade practices under N.C.G.S. 75-1.1." This holding pertains to plaintiffs who are "neither an insured nor in privity with the insurer." Id. The rationale underlying our Court's holding is that "allowing such third-party suits against insurers would encourage unwarranted settlement demands, since the plaintiffs would be able to threaten a claim for an alleged violation of N.C.G.S. 58-63.15 in an attempt to extract a settlement offer." Wilson, 121 N.C. App. at 666, 468 S.E.2d at 498.