Agulto v. Northern Marianas Investment Group, Ltd

In Agulto v. Northern Marianas Investment Group, Ltd., 4 NMI 7, 10 (1993), the plaintiff argued that the defendant violated the CPA by engaging in an unfair or deceptive act by: (1) concealing how its poker machines malfunction; (2) refusing to pay him, and; (3) denying that he won a certain number of points. In finding that a violation did not occur, the Court first determined that whether the defendant concealed how its machines malfunctioned was not factually established at trial; next, it was justified in not paying the plaintiff because its technician reported that the machine malfunctioned, which means the transaction was void according to the pre-established rules of the poker parlor; and finally, while it initially disputed the number of points the plaintiff won, it did this because it did not know how many he legitimately won due to the malfunction, and eventually acknowledged the plaintiff's accumulated point total. Id.