Camacho v. N. Marianas Ret. Fund

In Camacho v. N. Marianas Ret. Fund, 1 NMI 362 (1990), a Fund member argued that the Nineteenth Amendment to the NMI Constitution (The Nineteenth Amendment provides that government employees who have "acquired not less than 20 years of creditable service" shall be credited an additional five years and shall be eligible to retire. NMI Const. amend. XVIIII.) applied retroactively to employees who retired before the effective date of the amendment. 1 NMI at 369. The Court unequivocally rejected this argument. It stated: "The language does not support Camacho's contention that it should (in effect) be applied retroactively to enable employees who retired prior to the effective date to take advantage of its terms. There is no indication that it was intended to apply retroactively. Cf. Torvinen v. Rollins, 93 Nev. 92, 560 P.2d 915, 917 (Nev. 1977) ("the amendment is void of any terms indicating the legislature or electorate intended retrospective application.")." Id.