American Fidelity & Cas. Co. v. Bennett

In American Fidelity & Cas. Co. v. Bennett (1952), 69 Ohio Law Abs. 386, 125 N.E.2d 754, 758, the court rejected the argument that the indemnitee's settlement with the injured party precludes the right to seek indemnification: "In the case now being considered, the lawsuits were settled before trial and there was no judicial determination of the alleged active negligence claimed against the subrogor by the third persons injured. A settlement of the lawsuits cannot be construed as an admission of the subrogor of the allegations of fact contained in the pleadings. Many considerations motivate a settlement other than the question of legal liability, as charged in the petition. In this case, for example, the fact that the subrogor considered himself secondarily liable because of the alleged negligence of defendant in omitting a cotter-pin from the right front wheel assembly, most probably was the reason for agreeing to a settlement."