Crim.R. 11 Interpretation

"In order to inform the defendant of the effect of his guilty plea under Crim.R. 11, the court must inform the defendant of the possible sentences faced." State v. Hlinovsky, Belmont App. No. 99 BA 65, 2001 Ohio 3247. A "failure to comply with the requirements of Crim.R. 11 is plain error." Id. In State v. Higgs (1997), 123 Ohio App.3d 400, 704 N.E.2d 308, the court held that "the trial court must advise the defendant of the maximum possible penalty for the charged offense." The Higgs court held the plea invalid because the trial court incorrectly stated the potential maximum prison term and completely failed to mention that a possible fine of $ 7,500 could be imposed upon sentencing. Id.