Damages for Closing of a Public Way In Ohio

"In Ohio, a property owner, having other means of access to his property, may not enjoin the vacation of a public way, or receive damages for its closing, unless his property abuts the vacated street." Eastland Woods v. City of Tallmadge (1983), 2 Ohio St.3d 185, 186, 2 Ohio B. 726, 443 N.E.2d 972. "The decisions in this state have clearly established that an abutting lot owner has such an interest in the portion of the street on which he abuts, that the closing of it is a taking of private property for a public use, and cannot be done without compensation." Id. quoting Kinnear Mfg. Co. v. Beatty (1901), 65 Ohio St. 264, 282-83, 62 N.E. 341.