Did Misdemeanor Offenses of Which Individual Was Convicted Involve Immoral Behaviour ?

In Holycross v. State Bd. of Emergency Med. Serv., 163 Ohio App.3d 213, 2005 Ohio 4598, 837 N.E.2d 423, an EMT appealed the board's decision to revoke his certificate. Holycross was convicted of telephone harassment, attempted telecommunications harassment, and criminal trespass. The court noted that: (1) the crimes arose out of Holycross's infatuation with his co-worker's fifteen year old daughter; (2) there was no allegation that Holycross ever touched the daughter in a sexual manner; (3) the evidence did not suggest that the daughter found Holycross's conduct highly offensive. The court found "no reasonable basis for a finding that the misdemeanor offenses of which Holycross was convicted involve moral turpitude." Id. at P75.