Is Insurance Policy Exclusion Which Contains Langauge Excluding Other Vehicles Owned by the Named Insured Valid ?

In Orris v. Claudio (1980), 63 Ohio St. 2d 1.40, the court considered an accident in which Orris was injured while riding an uninsured motorcycle that collided with an uninsured motorist. Orris had a liability policy with Aetna Insurance which included uninsured motorist coverage. The policy contained the following language: 'Exclusions' 'This policy does not apply: Under the Uninsured Motorist Coverage, (q) to bodily injury to an Insured while occupying a highway vehicle (other than an insured automobile) owned by the named insured. The court held that where a policy of insurance contains reasonably specific language excluding other vehicles owned by the named insured from the uninsured motorist provision of the policy, such exclusion is valid, and not contrary to public policy as contained in R.C. 3937.18.