Lack of Informed Consent Claim In Ohio

In Ohio, a plaintiff may establish a claim for lack of informed consent where: (a) the physician fails to disclose to the patient and discuss the material risks and dangers inherently and potentially involved with respect to the proposed therapy, if any; (b) the unrevealed risks and dangers which should have been disclosed by the physician actually materialize and are the proximate cause of the injury to the patient; (c) a reasonable person in the position of the patient would have decided against the therapy had the material risks and dangers inherent and incidental to treatment been disclosed to him or her prior to the therapy." Nickell v. Gonzalez (1985), 17 Ohio St.3d 136, 17 Ohio B. 281, 477 N.E.2d 1145, syllabus. A party disputing a lack of informed consent is entitled to explain the meaning of the consent form and what information was provided to the patient before the form was signed.