R.C. 3109.04(D)(2) Interpretation

In Walters v. Johnson, Licking App. No. 01CA107, 2002 Ohio 2855, the Court found that in parentage cases, the Licking County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division has exclusive jurisdiction to determine 'the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities for the care of children and the designation for the children of a place of residence and legal custodian' and visitation." Id. See also, R.C. 2301.03(S). R.C. 3109.04(D)(2) sets forth the procedure a court should follow if it finds that it is not in the best interest of the children to be placed with either parent. R.C. 3109.04(D)(2) states: "If the court finds, with respect to any child under eighteen years of age, that it is in the best interest of the child for neither parent to be designated the residential parent and legal custodian of the child, it may commit the child to a relative of the child or certify a copy of its findings, together with as much of the record and the further information, in narrative form or otherwise, that it considers necessary or as the juvenile court requests, to the juvenile court for further proceedings, and, upon the certification, the juvenile court has exclusive jurisdiction."