R.C. 3113.215 Interpretation

In Marker v. Grimm (1992), 65 Ohio St.3d 139, 601 N.E.2d 496, at syllabus, the Supreme Court of Ohio held: "1. a child support computation worksheet, required to be used by a trial court in calculating the amount of an obligor's child support obligation in accordance with R.C. 3113.215, must actually be completed and made a part of the trial court's record. "2. the terms of R.C. 3113.215 are mandatory in nature and must be followed literally and technically in all material respects. "3. Any court-ordered deviation from the applicable worksheet and the basic child support schedule must be entered by the court in its journal and must include findings of fact to support such determination." R.C. 3113.215 was repealed in 2001. R.C. 3119.02 and 3119.22 are among the current provisions analogous to former R.C. 3113.215, and contain language identical to the language contained in former R.C. 3113.215 regarding the responsibility of the trial court to calculate the amount of child support in accordance with the child support schedule and applicable worksheets. Cameron v. Cameron, Franklin App. No. 04AP-687, 2005 Ohio 2435. R.C. 3119.22 also contains language identical to former R.C. 3113.215 providing that the trial court support with specific findings of fact any deviation from the guideline amount. Id.