R C 119.12 Interpretation

In Wheat v. Bd. of Embalmers and Funeral Dirs., 2d Dist. No. 16918, 1998 Ohio App, the Second District Court of Appeals discussed the purpose of Section 119.12's filing requirements: The intent of R.C. 119.12 is to provide a procedure by which a party may appeal an administrative decision. The only requirement for initiating the appeal is the timely filing of a notice of appeal with the agency and a copy of the notice with the court. The ". . . purpose and function of a notice of appeal in Ohio practice, is to advise the tribunal which issued the order appealed from that it has lost some or all of its jurisdiction to proceed further and to direct it to prepare and transmit its record to the appellate court." . . . the purpose for timely filing the notice of appeal with the agency is to invoke the jurisdiction of the court to which the appeal is taken. Wheat, at 3.