R C 3105.18 C 1 Interpretation

The Court in Chapman v. Chapman, Franklin App. No. 04AP-812, 2005 Ohio 2801 determined that the trial court did not explicitly refer to R.C. 3119.01(C)(11) when it imputed income to plaintiff, and further found no indication that the trial court considered any of the factors set forth in R.C. 3119.01(C)(11). See Chapman, at P12. Accordingly, this court remanded the matter to the trial court in order for it to apply the appropriate statutory factors to determine whether, and in what amount, to impute income to plaintiff. See id. In Chapman, this court did not agree with plaintiff's contention that the trial court's analysis on the issue of spousal support was deficient. See id. at P21. However, this court noted that the trial court had, pursuant to R.C. 3105.18(C)(1), considered plaintiff's imputed income for purposes of determining whether spousal support would be appropriate and reasonable. See id. at P22. In view of the limited remand on the issue of plaintiff's imputed income, this court also remanded the issue of spousal support "simply because a change in appellant's imputed income may affect the trial court's determination with respect to the issue of spousal support." Id.