Slip and Fall Accident Business Invitee In Ohio

In Combs v. First National Supermarkets, Inc. (1995), 105 Ohio App.3d 27, 663 N.E.2d 669, this court stated the following: "The law in the state of Ohio is clear that in order for a plaintiff to recover damages from a slip and fall accident as a business invitee, the following must be established: "1. That the defendant through its officers or employees was responsible for the hazard complained of; or "2. That at least one of such persons had actual knowledge of the hazard and neglected to give adequate notice of its presence or remove it promptly; or "3. That such danger had existed for a sufficient length of time reasonably to justify the inference that the failure to warn against it or remove it was attributable to a want of ordinary care." Id. at 29, citing Johnson v. Wagner Provision Co. (1943), 141 Ohio St. 584, 589, 49 N.E.2d 925.